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National Earth Day at The Zen Agency

20 April 2023

Happy National Earth Day 🌎 At the Zen Agency, we are committed to doing our part to protect the environment. For several years, we’ve had on-going green initiatives to help the planet. Find out what steps we take through-out the year to reduce our carbon footprint.

Meet Zen's Newest Digital Marketing Intern

13 April 2023

The Zen Agency has a new member to the team. Ellis is currently a third year student at Glasgow Caledonian who's studying a degree in International Marketing. To find out more about our new digital marketing intern read our blog.

What Can We Learn From the Genuis of Red Bull?

03 April 2023

Red Bull is one of the most famous brands in the world. Red Bull's well known for its unique and effective marketing strategy. From sponsoring extreme sports athletes to owning its own Formula One team, Red Bull has taken an innovative approach to promote it's global energy brand. But, what can marketers learn from Red Bull?

How to Migrate From Universal Analytics to GA4

28 March 2023

Around a year ago, Google announced that marketers would be forced to migrate to their new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) which focuses on privacy first. Despite the timely notice, many businesses have been neglecting the migration, however, the cut-off date (1st of July) is looming closer every day. Discover how to successfully migrate from UA to GA4 without losing your data history.

From HTML to Hosting: A Beginner's Guide to Web Development

22 March 2023

In today’s world having a fully functioning, high-quality website is a must-have for a business to be successful. The Zen Agency originated as a web development agency, before branching out to become a complete digital marketing agency. As a web development first agency, we understand how intimidating terminology can be and how hard it is to wrap your head around it, especially if you have no experience. As a result, we’ve drafted up a guide to web development for the novices.

New Client: Cu Bocan Whisky

08 March 2023

The Zen Agency is delighted to announce we are now providing Cu Bocan Whisky with digital marketing services including SEO & PPC.

Is Influencer Marketing Dead? The Rise of De-Influencing

06 March 2023

Since the creation of TikTok, the social media landscape has changed. Creators are now focused on being truly authentic and the latest trend of "de-influencing" has a "less is more approach" which has influencers and brands worried. But, what is "De-Influencing"?

We Are Cyber Essential Certified

24 February 2023

Over the last week, the team at Zen has been working towards gaining our Cyber Essentials Certification. This allows us to be able to manage and advise our clients on the most secure methods to keep their website secure.

How important is email marketing?

20 February 2023

How important is e-mail marketing for businesses? Email marketing allows you directly target your customers to improve your sales and leads for a small cost.