Our Clients

Digital Experience In All Sectors

Across our 24 years, of industry experience, we've had amazing opportunities to work with many leading Scottish and global brands in the private, public and charity sectors. Whatever industry you are in and whatever your requirements whether it be a new website, a rebrand, an SEO health check or a paid social campaign we have the skills and experience to make it happen. 

Why talk a good game when we can show you? Our case studies page shows some of our favourite campaigns over the last few years.

Public Sector

We've worked with major public service providers in media, health, sport and research. Including the BBC, NHS & Scottish Football Association. We've worked on a wide range of projects ranging from website development, digital marketing and content creation. As with all our clients, we aim to make deliver the highest quality and value by understanding the specific needs of our public sector clients. Our holistic and collaborative approach to every project allows ourselves, and sometimes the client themselves, to fully understand what they want out of a project and how their investment can best serve them for years to come. 


Working with hotels brands is always a pleasure, their global household names. Digital services we've provided range from search engine optimisation through to user experience testing and website design. It's a highly competitive market and presents some unique design challenges. Users generally expect hotel websites to reflect the premium nature of the brands themselves this isn't always easy to achieve whilst keeping the site easy to use. Of course you can always go for the "clean and simple" premium look, but how does that let your brand stand out when everyone else is doing it? 

Travel & Tourism

Always a fun industry to work in, everyone loves a holiday and it's safe to say our team have enjoyed the on-site content creation and research for the brands we've worked with. Historically we've mainly worked on designing and developing websites in this sector. However, more recently we've been working on more, content focused branding, photography and videography. The tourism industry's unique position as a supplier of "experiences" makes producing high quality digital content a natural move. 

Food & Drink 

Food and drink always throws up something different. Some brands require boosting of online sales through user experience optimised websites and conversion focused marketing campaigns. Others might require top-level branding and brand awareness marketing to drive sales through third party retailers. Whatever the particular goals of the digital project, our team of experts know the best approach.

Single Malt Whisky & Blends

This may be a bit of a stereotype for a digital agency based in Scotland but the fact is we've worked with so many single malt brands that we had to give section all of its own separate from Food & Drink. Every area of our expertise has been tried and tested in the whisky industry such is the volume of projects we've had. 


Education projects are interesting because they give us an opportunity to work on websites and campaigns that have high information density, making UX design and user flow even more important than usual. Key to success in the education industry, regardless of the type of project, is getting clear information to the correct people.

Charity & Third Sector

Over the years lots of charities have come to Zen to work with us on a variety of projects because we're a trusted digital partner It's always a joy because we learn so much about the needs and requirements of people from all walks of life. 

Industry & Manufacturing

Everything needs a digital presence these days, Even companies with traditional business models in industry and manufacturing. We've worked with several billion dollar companies across digital all with the ultimate goal of improving B2B sales. 

Service Sector 

Financial, law, software and more, the services sector just like the industrial needs a strong online presence to secure it's future in an increasingly digital world. Zen has experience with so many service companies, it would be impossible to name them all here. 

And So Many More...

Property, pet food, garden centres...So many clients so little time. If you made it all the way down here then perhaps you might like to look at our services, or our case studies?