Social Media Marketing

The Social Animal

Social Media has grown from strength to strength over the past 15 years. The overwhelming majority of the people spend time on social media everyday. It's by far the most effective way to increase your brands exposure to your target market. But how do you get the right exposure to the right people?

What’s your social presence?

Facebook Ads & More

With billions of active users across all platforms, in 2022 social media has evolved into an unavoidable component of any marketing strategy. Zen uses its experience with clients from all sectors to develop a thorough understanding of your business, who your target audience is and how your competitors utilise social media, from here we will identify the goals that you want to achieve and how we will measure the success of a social marketing campaign.

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Organic Social

First and foremost, for any brand or business’ digital strategy in 2022 should be establishing and engaging and rich social media presence. This is more often than not a customer’s first point of interaction with a brand as such it sets a precedence for what the consumer expects from that company, as they say you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Defining Your Brand...

Content Planning

A regular posting schedule that still aims for quality over quantity can effectively demonstrate to social media users a brand is active and engaged with its customers, that you produce high quality products, and that you value customer service and feedback. Integrating our knowledge of social with a brands goals and identity we’ve successfully created and implemented social media marketing content plans that organically grows our client’s presence with their target audiences.

Increasing Your Reach...

Paid Social Advertising

While organic social posts remain the backbone of any social media strategy, organic growth often comes too slowly for brands looking to rapidly expand their online presence and sales in the information age. Paid social strategies can serve as a vehicle to rapidly expand online sales and conversions as well as overall brand awareness. Paid strategies also come with additional targeting, remarketing, and display options not available to comparative organic posts.

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Brand Awareness

Paid social brand awareness campaigns are an effective method of increasing knowledge of a brand and its products and services within a highly qualified target audience. Zen’s extensive knowledge of all major social media platforms and best practise targeting strategies for each allows us to use existing brand customer knowledge along with incoming analytics data to identify the most cost-effective way to increase brand awareness.

Growing Your Sales...

Performance Campaigns

Performance, conversion, and sales focused campaigns can drive business essential KPIs for companies operating in almost any industry. Regardless of sector whither they be, B2B or B2C, potential customers will spend up to an average of almost 2 hours on social media per day around the world. This means that the question is not if you can get in front of people, but can you get in front of the right people, at the right time, with the right message? At Zen we make sure the answer is yes! For more information about how Zen can improve your social performance, contact us now.

Putting faces to a name...

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a key piece of social media marketing in 2023. The industry is expected to be worth over $17 billion this year. Influencers provide a number of benefits over other types of social advertising. First they come with a pre-engaged audience, one that voluntarily follows their posts, which means they get higher engagement. Secondly they provide a form of social proof for growing brands, a face behind the brand name, a real company working with & for real people. Thirdly is they can provide access to new audiences & demographics for brands who've saturated their current market. Influencers are the hot topic on online marketing just now, however that doesn't mean they should be the sole focus. The best social media campaigns use a multi-channel approach focusing on solid strategy, KPIs and goals, where influencers can play a key role. 

Are you looking to use influencers for your next campaign? We have working relationships with various macro and micro influencers to suit your brands goals and objectives.