Videography & Motion Graphics

Creating powerful content for your brand is an essential first step to connecting with your customers

Video content is by far the most effective way to convey a story in the digital world. With 85% of businesses in 2021 using video in their marketing communications, it seems many would agree.

Not just about cartoons...

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics, whether it be motion typography in your live action videos or full blown animations is a great way to communicate your brand and brand values across to consumers in an increasingly competitive and noisey world. People are bombarded with all sorts of information all day every day. Solid motion graphics can allow you to cut through the noise and deliver your message effectively to your customers.

Your Brands Eye in the sky...

Drone Footage

At Zen we're fortunate enough to have a experienced (and licenced) drone pilot, who also happens to be and expert videographer. Drone's, perhaps like no other form of video, can capture the footage which fully displays the geography and experience of your product to the viewer. It is particularly effective for these "experience based" products, for example anything in the tourism industry. That's not to say drone footage can't be effective elsewhere, the brand appeal of products like whisky is highly focused around place of their production. Nothing demonstrates the heritage, tradition and premium quality of a single malt whisky like seeing an old distillery perfectly situated in a beautiful glen. 

Quality over quantity...

FIlming & Editing

Producing an effective video ad isn't as simple as getting out a phone and recording. Going viral that way involves a huge amount of luck, at Zen we focus on producing high quality video materials that effectively convey your message to your target audience. We leave the luck to the gamblers.