Environmental Policy Statement for The Zen Agency (Scotland) Ltd

Environmental Policy Overview

The Directors of The Zen Agency (Scotland) Ltd recognise that there are important environmental issues associated with the functions of the IT business.

We believe that good environmental practice in an integral part of how to run our business.
In order to manage these issues effectively The Zen Agency have committed to;-

  • Providing a safe and healthy working environment for all those who use our facilities.
  • Promotion of all environmental products where appropriate, information relating to these products.
  • Using resources efficiently and minimising their consumption by, where practicable, using materials that are renewable, recycled and reusable.
  • The prevention of pollution.
  • Meeting and exceeding those regulatory requirements which relate to the company’s activities.
    Minimising waste generated by our business, promoting recycling and to reuse materials where applicable.
  • Provide customers and staff with public transport options which serve our location.
  • Working with our suppliers to improve the environmental performance of the entire supply chain.
  • Taking into consideration and having regard to environmental issues in all aspects of our business.

We believe that it is a shared responsibility of all the company employees to understand and act in accordance with this policy. We will continue to promote internal awareness of environmental issues though the communication with new and existing staff and will provide trading programs to support this.

We consult our staff on the effectiveness of our environmental commitments and continually review and monitor The Zen Agency’s environmental policy in order to further improve our company’s performance.

Because we are a digital agency carbon footprint is minimal as the effect of our products is e-based.

Environmental Working Procedures

Low Use of Paper & Consumables

  • We very rarely use paper as we are a digital agency this includes all our documentation and invoicing is all done on an e-platforms. We do not use photocopiers and use printed materials only when strictly necessary.
  • All paper and consumable products, when required, are sourced from renewable and recycled materials where possible.
  • Use of Recycled & Reusable Products
  • We use refillable printer cartridges and recycle all our plastics that minimise waste and use easily recyclable products

Low Energy Use

  • We have hibernate and power down function on all of our computing equipment that reduces the use of power.
  • We installed a heating system that is thermostat controlled. This reduces unnecessary waste of energy from the heating system when not required.
  • We also have adopted a strict power off policy when systems are not being used and all systems are turned off at the end of every working day. No workstation is left on after office hours or at weekends.
  • All our IT equipment has timers that allow all screens to shut off, and workstations to go into energy saving sleep mode, after a short time of non-use.
  • Our phone system is on a timer that allows it to be switched off out of hours.
  • All other equipment requiring energy uses low power consumption options, e.g. lighting & staff kitchen equipment.

Low Carbon Emissions from Transport

  • We promote the use of public transport for any journeys our employees take.
  • Wherever possible we aim to conduct conferences and meetings over online video conferencing tool to reduce unnecessary emissions from travel.
  • We encourage and have facilities for our employees to commute using zero carbon modes of transport, such as cycling.

Positive Impact Environment & Social Responsibility

  • The Zen Agency will make every endeavor to continually improve our current environmental position. Currently we purchase all our products from Dell and have an end-of-life return policy that falls under the The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive came into force in January 2007.
  • We regularly review our equipment inventory to assure we are using new and energy efficient electronics. However, we also consider how any efficiency improvements may be offset by the energy consumption and waste production from the manufacture of new equipment.
  • We are investigating with government bodies on how we can obtain ISO 14001:2015.
  • We currently recognise that we are obliged to work within UK legislation on current environmental standards.
  • We are investigating and applying the procedures and practices that will allow us to achieve a B Corp certification for high social and environmental performance.

Last Updated: 5th May 2022
Review by 6th May 2023