Digital Design

Digital Design

Branding & Identity

Our designers follow a tried and tested process to ensure your brands message is visually communicated effectively. We start by researching and evaluating your current branding as well as analysing your competitors to gain an understanding of your position in the market. From there we identify the best way to connect with your target audience and conceptualise your brand identity.

Digital Design

Packaging Design

Effective packaging design is about more than creating a strong shelf presence. Your products packaging is the first physical layer of engagement between your brand and the customer - whether your products on the shelf or arriving in the post, its a vital opportunity to communicate information about your brand and what's contained inside the packaging

Digital Design & Motion Graphics

User Experience

Our experts at Zen pull together a number of elements to create a visual design that is simple yet stunning. Our UX designers are involved from the beginning of the project and are motivated by your target users and how they interact with the website.

Digital Design

Web & App design

Our designers approach web and app projects with a user-centric approach through conducting processes such as User Experience (UX) research, persona building and workshops. This enables us to understand your customer and their behaviour on a deep level so we can tailor the design around the end user.