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New Client: Cu Bocan Whisky

08 March 2023

The Zen Agency is delighted to announce we are now providing Cu Bocan Whisky with digital marketing services including SEO & PPC.

Is Influencer Marketing Dead? The Rise of De-Influencing

06 March 2023

Since the creation of TikTok, the social media landscape has changed. Creators are now focused on being truly authentic and the latest trend of "de-influencing" has a "less is more approach" which has influencers and brands worried. But, what is "De-Influencing"?

We Are Cyber Essential Certified

24 February 2023

Over the last week, the team at Zen has been working towards gaining our Cyber Essentials Certification. This allows us to be able to manage and advise our clients on the most secure methods to keep their website secure.

How important is email marketing?

20 February 2023

How important is e-mail marketing for businesses? Email marketing allows you directly target your customers to improve your sales and leads for a small cost.

Zen's Top 5 Superbowl Ads

10 February 2023

With the Superbowl LVII taking place on Sunday, people will be tuning in around the world to watch the game with last year's Superbowl bringing in over 90 million views purely in America. 42% of viewers tune in purely for the adverts the Zen Agency shared our top 5 Superbowl Adverts of All Time.

What Can We Learn From Prime Hydration?

06 February 2023

Prime Hydration is the most in-demand beverage of 2023, with a bottle being sold for 10 times the retail price. But what can marketers learn from Prime and what do we predict for their future?

TikTok vs YouTube: What Should My Business Use?

02 February 2023

With 86% of businesses now using video as a marketing tool, two of the most popular digital platforms are YouTube and TikTok. But which is better for businesses and should a business favour one over another? The Zen Agency will highlight insights & stats to help highlight which platform is better for you & your business.

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

30 January 2023

With artificial intelligence trending right now, the Zen Agency thought we'd highlight the impact AI could have within digital marketing.

Zen In The Community

25 January 2023

The Zen Agency is committed to helping businesses and the local Glasgow community in anyway we can. Whether that's offering free videography, donations or fundraising. This Christmas we donated towards The Trussell Trust & Diabetes UK.