Case Study


Helping one of the largest hotel brands in the world with all things digital.

Hilton Hotels

The Project

The Hilton group is one of the most renowned international chains of full service hotels. We were an approved supplier of The Hilton for a number of years working with them in various exciting projects on a global scale. Most recently they were looking for a way to make booking systems easier for business customers and making the process as user friendly as possible. 

Hilton Hotels

The Solution

We worked closely with the Hilton e-commerce and marketing team on a variety of projects with a number of hotels across Europe. Examples of this work include User customisable web pages for personalised bookings, an interactive event planner for the prestigious Waldorf Astoria and seasonal landing pages with online advertising campaigns amongst other things. 

Hilton Hotels

The Results

We created a friendlier user experience through online booking tools and event planners such as the Waldorf Astoria event planner. We designed and implemented a seasonal campaign and landing page for the fall campaign which promoted the Hilton’s top destinations.

User experience was at the forefront of our mind and we spent time on the information architecture and laying out the content of the site in a way that could show a large number of hotels in an instinctive way. 

Princes Trust Zen worked with Prince's Trust designing two mobile apps as well as conducted UX interviews and testing with young people enrolled in the program.