Case Study

Fusion GBS

A brand modernisation project for a global IT company encompassing Web Design, Brand Refresh, Exhibition Design and Asset Creation.

Fusion GBS

Client Background

Fusion GBS is a global leader in ITSM consultancy with over 25 years of experience in service management solutions.

With over $50M in turnover and a workforce of 200+ spread across 6 global offices, Fusion GBS is synonymous with innovation and excellence in the industry.

Fusion GBS

The Project

Fusion GBS approached us with a brief aiming to refresh their brand collateral and enhance their online presence. Their primary goal was to revamp their brand's look and feel to align with their audience while infusing a more people-focused tone into their imagery. Additionally, Fusion GBS sought to overhaul their website, optimizing user experience and ensuring seamless navigation for visitors. We worked with Fusion's team to reorganise the content on the website, establishing a more user-focused hierarchy of information enabling customers to find relevant information more quickly.

Fusion GBS

Brand Collateral

Our creative team embarked on refreshing Fusion GBS's brand collateral. By leveraging contemporary design aesthetics and incorporating a people-centric approach, we crafted visually compelling materials that resonated with Fusion GBS's target audience. From brochures to corporate presentations, every piece of collateral reflected Fusion GBS's commitment to innovation and client-centric solutions.

Fusion GBS


Enhanced Brand Perception: The revamped brand collateral positioned Fusion GBS as a modern, people-centric organization, resonating with both existing clients and prospects. The updated imagery and messaging communicated Fusion GBS's commitment to understanding and addressing the evolving needs of its clientele.

Improved Online Presence: The redesigned website served as a dynamic hub for Fusion GBS's online presence, aiming to attract increased traffic, engagement, enhanced user experience and intuitive navigation.

Streamlined Communication: The redesigned corporate presentations, email marketing templates, and event pavilions provided Fusion GBS with cohesive communication tools aligned with its refreshed brand identity. Consistent branding across various touchpoints reinforced Fusion GBS's market position and facilitated effective engagement with stakeholders.

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