Case Study


Designing a fully accessible educational website with a focus on UX for a learning and teacher hub in the western isles.


The Client

Since launching in 2016 to address teacher shortage in the Western Isles, e-Sgoil has developed into a nationwide community for online teaching and learning. The vision of e-Sgoil is to expand and enrich the curricular offer for all learners across Scotland. Live, interactive, online experiences will offer more equitable access to high quality teaching and learning. This will enhance engagement, achievement and attainment.


The Project

E-Sgoil approached Zen to redesign and restructure their website from the ground up after COVID19 exposed flaws in their previous platform. The new websites main priority was to serve a wide range of users with resources and information while also being modular enough that staff members could create new areas of the site in the future without need for redevelopment as their needs from the website evolved over time. 

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The Results

Working collaboratively with the fantastic team at E-sgoil we were able to accurately map and quantify the needs of their users through user workshops - we were then able to implement those needs by building information architecture and wireframes. The finished product was a clean, modern and very colourful website that prioritised conveying Esgoil's organisational purpose and important resources to their users.

Princes Trust Zen worked with Prince's Trust designing two mobile apps as well as conducted UX interviews and testing with young people enrolled in the program.