Case Study


Web design and integrated booking system for one of the Scotland's leading law firms.


The Project

After working with BTO for many years, The Zen Agency were commissioned to create a new website that would be used as an information hub, allowing BTO to keep their current, and new clients well informed of their various services.

The brief set out by BTO required an innovate design that was mobile friendly and provided users with all the latest information, including full services and sectors area, along with events, news and seminar bookings. We were also asked to provide BTO with an integrated communications and email strategy.

Zen worked out a full digital spec allowing BTO to adopt a strategic way of approaching the whole digital project. We then adopted our 5D’s process in finding out their exact requirements; we worked with wireframes then developed to the design process allowing the client to engage with us at every stage. We also provided BTO with responsive design to fit all mobile platforms engaging their potential.


The Results

Zen provided BTO with a modern, easy to use website incorporating clear calls to action, the ability to add in functionality, and provided and integrated events a seminar solution allowing visitors to easily sign-up for these events online. We also provided full training for their content management system and sections that we specially built for BTO.

Princes Trust Zen worked with Prince's Trust designing two mobile apps as well as conducted UX interviews and testing with young people enrolled in the program.