Why The Zen Agency should be part of your Website project

Why The Zen Agency should be part of your Website project

At The Zen Agency, we have over 35 years of website development expertise, including the building of your e-commerce website. There’s so many different reasons you should speak to us about the management, building and hosting of your website.


Why The Zen Agency should be part of your Website project
  • Web Expertise

Understanding how to build your website, what you want it look like, how it works, where it ‘lives’ are just some of the questions that arise when you realise the need for a website. Here at The Zen Agency, we have a team of professionals to help answer those questions. Before we even start designing your website, we take the time to understand exactly why you need a a website, what your KPI’s and how can we be 100% sure that your website will achieve these. That’s part of one your project, our project.

  • Brand identity

At The Zen Agency, we are here to fully understand your brand and tone. An essential part of your online strategy is ensuring that all channels, including your website are in line with one an other. You want to build trust in your brand. Your website will become the ‘hub’ for all your customers. Together, with our team, we’ll work together to ensure all your channels are in line with your brand guidelines ( don’t worry if you don’t have brand guidelines, we’ll work together to create them!)

  • Professional standard

If your aim to is to generate sales through your e-commerce platform, ensuring your customers feel 100% confident in you and your brand is ESSENTIAL. Your commercial website needs to designed professionally, including your brand logo, brand identity - customers are more savvy then they ever have been and are more aware of the brands they are shopping with. Creating and maintaining your website with the tools in which consumers trust is essential.

  • Give your customers the best possible experience

You want your customers to have the best possible experience when on your website. Here at The Zen Agency, we have a team dedicated to user experience. Their aim is to ensure that every single page on your website, from the minute somebody lands on the site are able to navigate your website easily and quick enough. Sounds good right?

  • Bespoke web design

There’s probably aspects of others websites that you want yours to include, of course. However, with our team of creators, we’ll build you a website bespoke to YOUR business. No off-the-shelf templates as our team of in-house developers will create a website specifically designed for your brand and clients needs. Making you stand out in a very competitive market

  • Support at your fingertips

The team here at The Zen Agency are an expansion of you and your brand. This means you’ll have a dedicated contact here at our agency to make changes or updates if and when you require them. We’ll work together to future proof your website in an environment where everything changes daily. Wether it’s template changes, copy changes or even SEO updates to keep your site at the top of Google rankings - we’ll be here!

Are you looking for help to optimise your SEO and website? Contact the Zen agency on 0141 229 1333 or fill out our quick enquiry form on our website and a member of the team will be in touch to discuss your marketing needs.

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