The importance of different marketing tools and platforms

The importance of different marketing tools and platforms

A hot topic here in the Agency is the tools and platforms we couldn’t live without. Whether it’s for project management, content management or to help with transparency, we only set out to use tools that are we know are easy for both our team and clients to use together.



The importance of different marketing tools and platforms

Trello: our go to tool. It’s the ultimate project management tool. Designed as a visual tool to help you and your client / team collaborate and track progress of the many moving parts of a project. Designed with boards, users can create boards with different columns and move tasks between them all. Within each board, you can add creative, copy, lists and tick off each part as you go. We use this with our clients to help with transparency on where their projects are at. Our aim is to have everything in the ‘content live’ board and watch our magic happen!

Unfold: We have an in-house team of designers who source their inspiration from multiple sources, including Unfold. The tool is available as an app and helps to create templates for Instagram stories. You know how it goes, with so many people watching different Instagram stories daily, we want to make creative that stands out from the crowd and with Unfold it gives us the opportunity and inspiration to create stylish story template for maximum engagement.

Zoom: The pandemic go to tool! We are lucky enough to have a flexible work culture and a great agency HQ that our team enjoy being in, however, there is often an occasion in which we host our daily and weekly catch ups on zoom. With clients spread across the UK, Zoom has saved us the commute and travel costs that came before the pandemic. The tool providing its live chat function, share screen functionality, interactive whiteboard and so much more, it's now a tool that we use with our clients when they first board with us, through to us sharing the final outputs with them. 

MailChimp: Our team love DATA, the more of it, the better! We have often found that our email marketing campaigns are the most succesful for our clients and therefore invest a significant amount of time and effort in perfecting it. The tool allows us to easily create new templates, schedule emails and analyse at the click of the finger. Its user friendly approach means you don't need to need be a marketing guru to work it, just a guru in understand the content that the user will want. 

Slack: We like to think of Slack as our new Whatsapp. It's out go to tool to share ideas, inspiration and talk to our team mates daily. We've found just joining slack our team have communicated more on a day to day basis becaused of its organised and efficiency. We've even managed to connect it to our trello board so if and when our designers share creative ideas with us, we can add it to the inspiration board to look at in the next meeting.

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