The importance of brand awareness and how you can directly impact your brands awareness

The importance of brand awareness and how you can directly impact your brands awareness

Are you asking yourself the importance of brand awareness? Well, recently ASOS’s CEO Jose Antonio Ramos recently blamed insufficient brand investment for the reason behind the acquisition slowdown. Here at The Zen Agency, we understand how our clients brands name, product and service is of the highest importance and more importantly, how we can help you increase your brand awareness. 

The importance of brand awareness and how you can directly impact your brands awareness

The importance of brand awareness, whether it be your brand name, product or service is essential. Having not only your key target audience but society ( regional, nationally or even worldwide) recognise your brand and values help you stand out from the crowd, most importantly, gives you a head start against your competitors. Businesses that maintain a high level of brand awareness are more likely to generate more revenue, simply because of the recognisability factor.

Brand awareness creates trust, something that is of most importance. Giving your brand the voice it needs to increase knowledge and positive attributes that differentiate you helps you to influencer a consumers decision-making process. The important factors such as:

  •  Market Share
  • Brand perception
  • Building trust
  • Drive traffic / leads to your site

Are all emphasised when your brand awareness is on point. How do you think brands like Coca-Cola and Apple did so well!?

How can I increase my brand awareness? 

It sounds very simple, the louder you shout the more people will hear. However, let's get smart here. There's no point shouting to an audience that have zero interest in your product. So firstly, let's understand exactly who and where we want your brand to be heard. Our team here at Zen are all about the research and processes put in place to make sure this is what happens.

We've worked with a number of clients on both their online and offline strategies to increase market share. Simply get in touch with us and we'll be more than happy to share case studies with great results with you. 


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