Reasons to hire The Zen Digital Agency ( Although, we’re so much for than a digital agency!)

Here at The Zen Agency, we have years of experience and an in-house team of professional creatives, we’re all about all things digital. Whether it be an e-commerce platform, social media strategy, videography, or an overall digital strategy that incorporates them all – The Zen team are here for you.

Reasons to hire The Zen Digital Agency ( Although, we’re so much for than a digital agency!)

Expand your in-house marketing team

Here at Zen, we like to think of ourselves as an extension of your existing team, just with the expertise to help move you forward in a very demanding marketing. When you partner with us, you get our full team, meaning that you get all these individual specialists in their key area ready to help you and your brand in any way possible. Our aim is to increase value and efficiency through working together.

Stay up to date in an ever-changing industry

The digital market place changes every single day, trying to fully understand and learn what is available to you can be very time consuming and at times very confusing. Our team are already ahead of the game, we value understanding what is next in the industry so that we can continually be one step ahead. It’s our role to keep you and your digital strategy in the right and ensure that’s its delivering in the way you want to.

Make use of expensive marketing tools

By joining us, you also get free use of the tools our team use. There’s not just one tool that manages all platforms (unfortunately – that would be too easy!) our team have a wide range of social media tools, web tools, SEO tools that we can of course give you access to along with workshops so you fully understand how to make the most out of them for what you require them for.

Visit us in the creative workspace

Our office space is situated in the heart of Glasgow, with the funkiest and best coffee and lunch spots you can ever imagine. With our team of creatives, our office space is fun and light hearted, a great space to spend your days in. We’re more than happy to have you and the team visit us weekly and set up from here if you wish.

Help expand your business online

With so much experience in a variety of sectors, no matter the brief, we’ll be able to help. Our aim is to help build, develop and maintain your online presence, no matter what the final KPI is. With so much experience in different markets and areas across digital, speak to our team today to send you a showcase or for a general chat.

The Zen Agency are specialists in all things digital, whether it be website and app development or digital design. We can help with creating digital marketing strategy, content creationsocial media marketingPPCSEO and videography.

Are you looking for advice on content creation or all things digital marketing? Call us today at 0141 229 1333 or fill out our quick enquiry form on our website and a member of the team will be in touch to discuss your marketing needs.

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Around a year ago, Google announced that marketers would be forced to migrate to their new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) which focuses on privacy first. Despite the timely notice, many businesses have been neglecting the migration, however, the cut-off date (1st of July) is looming closer every day. Discover how to successfully migrate from UA to GA4 without losing your data history.

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New Client: Cu Bocan Whisky

08 March 2023

The Zen Agency is delighted to announce we are now providing Cu Bocan Whisky with digital marketing services including SEO & PPC.