How Businesses Can Use ChatGPT to Improve Their SEO

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm and seems to be only getting bigger. If you are on any form of social media, you will have seen people demonstrating how ChatGPT can help businesses optimise their daily tasks. In this blog, we’ll highlight how ChatGPT can help marketers quicken up SEO processes and how AI can help introduce small businesses with no resources to SEO. 

How Businesses Can Use ChatGPT to Improve Their SEO

What is ChatGPT?

Chat GPT is the newest form of Artificial Intelligence reportedly worth billions of dollars. ChatGPT is a chatbot launched by OpenAI (founded by Elon Musk) and is a large language model which is fined tuned by reinforced learning techniques. It can have human-like conversations answering questions, writing essays, and computer coding. However, as it’s only new it still has limitations. 

Although ChatGPT wasn’t created to be a direct competitor for Google, it has altered the way some searches are performed. The functions of ChatGPT can help small-medium-sized businesses that have limited time and resources to improve their SEO by quickening up the process.

How Can ChatGPT help with SEO?

We’re in unprecedented times when discussing using machine learning and artificial intelligence in marketing. However, ChatGPT is fully capable of answering questions in a manner that’s very close to a human. So far, it's been used in writing essays, fictional stories, ad copy and even coding. 

As it can write content, the OpenAI is more than capable enough to be used to assist or fully write meta descriptions or debug code for businesses with limited resources. Currently, coding is a lengthy process, but as the learning model grows it will become a much easier process.

Assist in Creating content 

Creating content can be a time-consuming and lengthy process when you consider the steps you need to go through. Each piece of content needs to spend time discovering trending topics, conducting topic research and then finally drafting up content.

With the introduction of ChatGPT, SEO experts can use ChatGPT as a great research tool to help research topics and keywords. You can use the chatbot to write meta-descriptions, research content topics and discover new keywords which helps reduce the time spent on tasks. 

ChatGPT can also be used to create content for things like social media posts, email campaigns, and landing page copy for PPC. However, it’s worth noting that Google is strongly against using AI content. 

Google can identify AI content and penalise content accordingly which is why we don’t recommend using ChatGPT to write webpages, blog posts or any content you want to rank highly for SEO. 

Keyword research and analysis

As mentioned previously, Chat GPT is a great way to quicken up lengthy processes. One SEO process that is considerably lengthy is keyword research. By using OpenAI’s chatbot, it makes keyword research similar or related keywords and ChatGPT will churn out a list of related keywords based on the AI’s understanding of the search results. 

Additionally, you can also request ChatGPT to determine the competition for various keywords. 

Content & SEO Strategy

ChatGPT can be a great resource for small to medium-sized companies that have little to no experience in marketing, especially SEO. You can ask ChatGPT to provide you with a content strategy for a selected business. As you can see below the plan doesn’t provide in-depth details with a plan, however, it does provide a followable plan which can help a small business to improve its marketing and SEO needs.

ChatGPT content strategy ideas

A greater understanding of Search Intent

ChatGPT can help marketers not only answer users' search queries but will often improve upon them. ChatGPT looks at and provides information on the intent of the search. They can help marketers shape their content to answer a question better and answer the intent of each search. This can help your content climb the SEO rankings. 

Generating SEO Titles on demand

One of the most difficult and time-consuming parts of SEO content writing is creating the right title to address the topic issue, feature a keyword and entice the reader to click. ChatGPT can be used as an idea generator as you can ask ChatGPT to generate titles for a topic and set the tone and the keyword you want to use and within seconds you’ll have several different titles.

ChatGPT - Generating Titles

After this, you can take inspiration from each recommendation and make your own title or use one of the recommendations. Within seconds you’ll have various options instead of time-consuming brainstorming. 

ChatGPT has the potential to make search engine optimization readily available for businesses of all shapes and sizes with little or no marketing resources, whilst making the process faster and more efficient. It can help quicken up the topic research and keyword process. 

However, there’s no guarantee that the content created by ChatGPT is original and one of a kind, with over 1 million users, the AI may recycle similar or the exact same content to different users which will negatively affect the effectiveness of using the chatbot. 

Although ChatGPT is a great piece of AI, we believe you still need human touch within SEO. If you have no resources but want to improve your business resources, then ChatGPT can greatly assist you. However, we recommend contacting an SEO specialist if you’re wanting to develop an in-depth, tailored SEO strategy. Sara Taher's graph perfectly sums up where we are in the AI journey. AI graph by Sara Taher

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