New Client: Ark Housing!

The Zen Agency begin working on an innovative new website for charity Ark Housing

New Client: Ark Housing!

We're delighted to announce that we have just partnered with Ark housing to develop an innovative new website. Ark Housing is a charity designed to support people to live good lives, at home and in their community, by providing care, support and housing.

The new site will provide Ark's service users with supporting resources and help inform the public on the organisations activity while also serving as a recruitment hub for various job roles currently active.

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How to Migrate From Universal Analytics to GA4

28 March 2023

Around a year ago, Google announced that marketers would be forced to migrate to their new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) which focuses on privacy first. Despite the timely notice, many businesses have been neglecting the migration, however, the cut-off date (1st of July) is looming closer every day. Discover how to successfully migrate from UA to GA4 without losing your data history.

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New Client: Cu Bocan Whisky

08 March 2023

The Zen Agency is delighted to announce we are now providing Cu Bocan Whisky with digital marketing services including SEO & PPC.