Success begins with a digital strategy - tell us your vision and we’ll make it happen.

Research, planning and a sound strategy is at the heart of everything we do. We’ll work with you to produce a digital strategy to excite and engage your customers and one that benefits your business - you know what your brand is capable of and we know how to achieve its potential online. Working in partnership, we’ll support you every step of the way.


It’s much more than just a website. Successful integration means turning over every stone and looking into each and every part of your online footprint.

When designing a truly integrated digital strategy we consider everything: social media, SEO, PPC, blogs, links, apps, online reviews, asset management, online advertising. Only then can we produce something that joins the dots and ensures continuity.

Everything we create works in perfect harmony in order to create optimum awareness and engagement with your brand, to successfully convert your audience to engage with your products and services. 

You know your clients, your customers, your competitors and your service users, but do you really know how they behave online?

We use as many tools and tricks as we need too, to tell us exactly what we need to know - how often do visitors visit, at what time of day, how they enter, when they leave, where they go, what they read, what they like, what they don’t like, have they converted through any calls to action, what are our peers and competitors doing?

We have the nose to seek out the information and the insight to analyse online behaviour. We then use it to build the most successful new platform for you.

Ever wanted to know just how good your online presence really is? It may look good but is it really performing for you and your business?

Our team of experts will give you a full, frank and objective MOT, health check and performance appraisal all rolled into one. They love nothing more than rolling up their sleeves and getting right into the detail to establish the true quality and effectiveness of your site.

We will review the look and feel, calls to action, page layout, navigation, information architecture and overall user experience. Providing you with a cost effective review, to identify some quick wins while providing a more in-depth appraisal of where you are with your current website.

Designed for your audience, developed for success - we design beautiful, effective websites from the inside out. 

Your website is there for your customers and we design for their experience above all else. With captivating imagery, intuitive navigation and content that sticks we keep them engaged and encourage them to explore further.

Our strategic web design approach considers all aspects of the user experience at the concept stage to ensure that nothing is left out. We integrate social media, optimise for search and map out simple journeys as part of a comprehensive digital strategy tailored for you.


We all love beautiful things, which is why great design is so important.

A good brand adds value to an organisation, its products and its services. It provides more than just an identity, it differentiates and adds credibility and relevance. It should also work hard to engage across a range of mediums to a varied audience.

Our creative team works closely with clients to ensure the continuity of their brand across all of our projects and platforms. If you don’t already have brand guidelines or a house style, we will work to create it for you, in keeping with your values, your aspirations and the needs of your audience.

Whatever device your visitors choose to use, your site should display perfectly on each.

With the steep and continued rise in mobile internet usage (predicted to overtake traditional usage very soon), websites need to be designed and developed so that the layout adjusts automatically to best suit the user's viewing device.

The Zen Agency builds all of its sites to be responsive, so whether your visitors are using touch, desktop, laptop, handheld consoles, tablets, smart phones or TV, your site will always look and perform in the same great way.

There’s no need for different sites – one responsive site fits all.

Knowing exactly what makes your customers tick, makes getting their online experience right first time so much easier.

All Zen Agency digital projects begin with establishing a deep understanding of the user experience - do they like it, if they do why and what do they like, does it answer their questions, provide them with the right information, is it easily navigated, does it inform them sufficiently to enquire, download or make a purchase?

The journey experienced by the user is critical to the success and effectiveness of the website in delivering its objectives, it needs to be seamless and enjoyable and therefore well thought out. We have years of experience of building sites that deliver, take a look at our portfolio and see for yourself...

Open all hours and available for everybody

When building a new website, we think very carefully about the variety of needs of its visitors and how they will view its content. Some may find it less easy than others and they too should be given every possible opportunity to access the same information as others.

This is where we work to a very high standard to ensure that there are no barriers to access for anyone. We think that’s just fair.

Digital marketing provides immediate and very tangible results, we get this and we do it well!

We bring together online strategy, creative ideas and innovative technology to create successful digital marketing campaigns that deliver real results.

The digital age puts customers in control and at The Zen Agency we are skilled at making our client’s products and services accessible and appealing.

You can count anything online and that’s what makes it so immediate and powerful. A well planned digital marketing campaign will produce results that can be seen within seconds and tracked throughout their lifetime. 

SEO is the online equivalent of holding your business card under someone’s nose wherever they go, only a lot less annoying and much more effective!

SEO is the art of forecasting where your customers and audience are looking online and placing trustworthy mentions with appealing links to your brand for them to follow. This is done both ‘on-page’ (within your own website) as well as ‘off-page’ (via social media and earning quality links which are relevant to your industry).

Successful SEO will help drive more relevant organic traffic to your website. This is where our specialists will guide you to ensure that it hits the spot and provides a return, first time every time, in tandem with all other digital marketing methods.

PPC will kick start and compliment a digital marketing campaign, by enabling you to attract traffic to your site one click at a time.

PPC requires careful planning, thorough research and an understanding of the right keywords and phrases. Above all it requires real people to execute it properly and successfully.

Using our depth of experience within a whole range of sectors and a sound understanding of your business, we will build a PPC campaign that delivers results – giving you a reliable source of traffic to build your online profile.

We love a good social campaign. Whatever your objectives, it should be planned and executed carefully and thoroughly.

Social media is all about the conversation, the engagement, the honesty and openness, the immediacy and the ability to really connect brands with people, people with people and people with organisations, right across the globe.

We’ll help you to decide whether or not social media is right for you and your business and if it is, how best to go about getting involved.

We can also provide you with aggregation tools to enable you to retrieve data via various social network platforms and collect the data into one place for you to analyse conversations about your brand more easily.

Content is King and rules supreme within any successful online campaign and so skilled copywriting is of paramount importance to get your message across and to gain the reach and returns required.

Ask any professional copywriter and they will tell you that writing copy for a website requires a very different style of writing than for other mediums. We tend to scan webpages looking for keywords and phrases, unlike when reading a book, a magazine or a report and so web copy should be carefully crafted to suit the style of reading.

Our team can provide you with a professional service through our experienced online copywriters. It’s what they do and they’re great at it.

We all feel we receive too many emails and yet we also subscribe to updates from our favourite brands and services.

Email marketing works, when it’s done well: which means using relevant content, within carefully timed and targeted campaigns, containing just enough information with clearly laid out links and actions.

Email marketing also gives you excellent statistics on how many opens and clicks your campaign has received, also who’s opened it and when.

Get the balance right and it works – it really is that simple. 

Google Analytics provides a huge insight into your online performance. Put simply, it’s the lifeblood of your digital marketing strategy.

We can help you to drill down into the detail that’s really important, to inform you (and us) in order to make the right decisions across the whole of your digital marketing plan.

We can set up regular reports, analyse data, create dashboards to make the right information more readily available as well as provide you with the training to do it all yourself.

Your website is the foundation of your digital strategy - we develop the infrastructure that you need to grow and succeed.

With 16 years of experience in web development from our Glasgow office, we know a successful website is more than just a clever arrangement of text and images. It’s your digital headquarters - the control room for all your online efforts.

Need an app developed for your business? No problem, at Zen we provide high quality app design for use across all platforms. 

We develop with every channel in mind, ensuring that SEO, marketing, social media, public relations and eCommerce aren't forgotten in the process. Working as your digital partner, we lay the groundwork for success and then support you as it happens.

We develop our websites and systems using a range of popular open source CMS (Content Management Systems), used by thousands of organisations and brands worldwide.

In particular we build in open source .Net Umbraco where we are also a uCommerce certified partner. We also have extensive experience implementing other platforms such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.

We create innovative websites that are robust, future-proof and scalable, enabling clients easy control of their online presence to manage all their digital requirements via one intuitive CMS.

So whether you require a fully content managed eCommerce system or a simple brochure website, we can help you. Flexibility, transparency, market knowledge and our expertise helps us to confidently achieve your vision, KPIs and a return on investment.

Whatever you’re promoting we have the right platform from which to sell it. So roll up, roll up!

We use a number of eCommerce platforms to build the right site for your requirements, whether it’s Magento, uCommerce, Shopify, Tea Commerce or nopCommerce, our developers are adept at building in them all.

We develop eCommerce platforms from your customer’s perspective, to make it an easy to use, easy to locate, friendly environment, in which they feel secure and encouraged to purchase.

As part of the digital strategy process, we will help and guide you to decide which platform will perform the best for your business, the easiest to use and most robust for your requirements.

Helping you to sell more.

We can develop a wide range of bespoke, custom, mobile and web applications tailored for all popular mobile and tablet platforms, including Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows and BlackBerry.

We will work closely with you throughout the whole process, helping you to establish a mobile strategy and produce concept designs for approval before developing the app to your agreed specifications and finally assisting in its launch and market through the app store and marketing.

We have a wealth of experience across all sectors and professions whether you are a new start up, large business or a global brand we can help you.

Check out our portfolio for some examples.

A seamless connection with pre-existing internal systems is crucial - The Zen Agency has a long track record of developing projects with client’s current practices and systems in mind.

We work with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Client/Customer Relationship Management) systems to integrate them fully within any new project.

Apps running from the CMS, stock control and eCommerce systems, client and contact management, team and project management - we build and manage systems, available in and out of the office, to ensure the smooth running of your organisation, keeping all members of a team, regardless of size, in touch and with access to all available assets at all times. 

We don't just provide you with a service and then leave you to fend for yourself!

We provide on-going, post launch support, such as tracking the performance of your website‘s analytics and ensuring you receive the highest levels of customer services by assigning you an Account Manager dedicated to ensuring your needs are met.

You can host your site with The Zen Agency on our Enterprise Cloud VMware servers, which boast 100% uptime meaning all of your content is fully backed up on a daily basis for the highest security and our hosting comes with server management as standard. So you’re in safe hands!

At Zen our team of developers also have vast experience in developing on the open source E-Commerce application Magento.

Now the leading platform for E-Commerce it is used by stores worldwide, small and large.

By choosing Magento you will be joining over 150,000 businesses online including some of the worlds biggest brands . Nike, Fred Perry and Harvey Nichols to name a few.

Building on this platform allows us to create websites which are feature heavy, extremely secure and scalable should you wish to expand in the future.  

The user friendly design will give you full control of your website and the integrated SEO features will make search engines love you, making it easier for customers to find your website. 

Magento creates business and then adapts as you grow. It’s the CMS for brands with big plans.



All your valuable assets (images, video, brochures, content, collateral), stored safely and securely in one online location for your team to access whenever they need it.

We’re finding more and more companies are recognising the importance of securing their assets for their digital marketing and making them readily available for their team to use.

We have developed a number of comprehensive asset management systems for the like of global logistics companies, to ensure their resources are safely stored, easily found and always accessible. 

User Experience is at the heart of everything that we do. 

Every website we build is unique and based on your users. We conduct research to fully understand the people who will be visiting your website and design around these findings. 

By making the process of using your website as streamlined and simple as possible we aim to increase your conversions and the overall experience for your customer, keeping them coming back for more.

Wonderful content without a great looking site is often of little value.

We have a portfolio consisting of numerous websites for clients across a variety of sectors, the unique visual design that we apply to these websites help to enhance and engage the customers.

Our experts at Zen pull together a number of elements to create a visual design that is simple yet stunning. Our creative team believe every pixel is precious and with this principal in mind we will build you a site that represents your brand and one that your users will trust.

What is information architecture?

In this fast paced modern society finding information quickly and coherently is crucial and this is why at Zen we place information architecture at the forefront of our minds.  

At Zen our UX experts understand what your users want and the way, in which they behave, we will design and structure your site in a manner that will allow it to operate effectively and efficiently and thus enrich the overall user experience.   We recognise and implement the information architecture principles that are required for maximum return.

The user should always know whereabouts they are on the site and how they go about finding the content that they require. Our UX experts will make sure your new site reflects this philosophy.

Who is your primary audience?

To maximise the design of the website we must first fully understand who your target market is. At Zen we will conduct both quantitative and qualitative research methods to find out the type of person that is going to be visiting your website and the reason why they are visiting the site.

What are their typical web behaviours? What are their personality types? By asking these kinds of questions and a whole lot more we can design your new site with the user at the core of the process.

Testing makes perfect.

At Zen we understand the usability requirements of your website. After designing and structuring the interface our UX team will undertake an array of usability testing techniques to ensure the site is performing as required. This will occur during the build so that the website is working as it should be by the launch date.  The new design will be benchmarked against the industry best.

Tests will be conducted with people who match your key demographic, as they are asked to perform a variety of common tasks on the site; we will note any feedback which is provided and amend any page designs were appropriate.

Site visitors tend to be attracted to certain areas within the website; the usability tests will highlight where these areas lie allowing us to adjust our strategy accordingly. 

Testing will be completed on a variety of devices to ensure your site is running at optimal performance across all platforms.

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