User Testing

Gain insights on your audience like never before.

Building a new website is not all about you but rather, about pleasing the end user. 

User testing allows objective testing to be carried out with real users on the new design before it is launched to ensure the site is usable and allows users to meet their intended goals with ease.

At Zen, we take a robust sample size from your target audience and research deeper into a typical user’s needs, motivations and expectations. Setting up scenarios allows us to test how users respond to key journeys within the website. For example this could be finding a certain product or locating contact details for a specific member of staff.


As the user attempts to complete scenarios they are encouraged to ‘think aloud’ which allows us to learn the truth about what they really think about your new website. Their mouse movement, words spoken and facial expressions are all recorded which makes it easy for analysis to take place after the tests are complete.

User testing is extremely valuable and can uncover issues within:

  •         Information architecture
  •         Content
  •         Design
  •         Branding
  •         User journeys
  •         Page speed

Tests take place in a controlled environment under the guidance of a facilitator who remains impartial at all times. We test across various screen sizes and platforms and this is dependent on your exact requirements.

At the end of the usability testing, Zen produces a full report on our findings with recommendations on how to fix any issues which occurred.  There are also some positives as we will also highlight areas which are working well within the current design.

A number of iterations can take place which allows continuous improvement, Zen would always recommend a minimum of 2 iterations, and this would ensure any key issues identified in test 1 were effectively addressed by the design and development team in test 2.

User testing almost always pays off; it’s the only way to ensure you understand how a real user will interact with your platform. It will identify issues you never knew existed or didn’t think would cause frustration and it should be considered a critical step in providing a sound final solution.

Get in touch today and let’s have a chat about the options for user testing whether as a stand-alone project or as part of a bigger plan, we are happy to help. 

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