We make websites that are not only beautiful but very much functional.

At Zen we understand the usability requirements of your website. After designing and structuring the interface, our UX team will undertake an array of usability testing techniques to ensure the site is performing as required. This will occur during the build so that the website is working as it should be by the launch date.  The new design will be benchmarked against the industry best.

Tests will be conducted with people who match your key demographic, as they are asked to perform a variety of common tasks on the site; we will note any feedback which is provided and amend any page designs were appropriate.

Site visitors tend to be attracted to certain areas within the website; the usability tests will highlight where these areas lie allowing us to adjust our strategy accordingly. 

We record every action, click and scroll to gain a clear understanding of what needs to happen to increase user satisfaction.

It’s often the smallest of details that can make a vast difference, by picking up on these and optimising them we can be sure that we are offering an outstanding experience for the user.

At The Zen Agency we choose to test on a variety of browsers and devices to ensure your site is running at optimal performance across all platforms.

Our testing and evaluation procedure ensures your website is best positioned to offer an experience that will set you apart from your competitors and wow your target audience. 


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