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There is nothing our digital marketers love more than getting their hands dirty with your analytical data.

Google Analytics provides a huge insight into your online performance. Put simply, it’s the lifeblood of your digital marketing strategy.

When used correctly Google analytics is so much more than measuring the basic metrics such as visitors to your website or the bounce rate.

We can help you to drill down into the detail that’s really important, in order to make the right decisions across the whole of your digital marketing plan.

Analytics can help you track the success of specific campaigns, monitor where people click on your website or even measure what your return on your investment is. 

Lending a hand to businesses who simply don’t have the skills and/or time to regularly delve into analytics is what we do. This data is crucial and can help identify simple ways to make your website work harder for your business.

We can set up regular reports and analyse data to make the right information more readily available as well as provide you with the training to do it all yourself.

The Zen Agency we also create a custom dashboard for our clients based on the KPI’s which are important to them. This allows all the important information to be aggregated into one place, and is readily available for our clients upon logging into their Google Analytics accounts. 

In addition to this we are also experienced in setting up advanced analytics for specific situations such as e-commerce revenue tracking and advanced traffic segmentation. 


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