Umbraco 8

The web community is set a buzz from the news that Umbraco is going to be getting its first major since November 2013, Umbraco 8!

By Noman Kenneth, 22 February 2019

The web community is set a buzz from the news that Umbraco is going to be getting its first major since November 2013, while we don’t have a release date confirmed, we’re definitely sure it builds upon of the success of Umbraco 7, focusing upon the stability of the CMS, its user-friendliness and fully responsive grid editing, just to name a few.

Umbraco 8 comes with innovative functionalities, various technical improvements and overall improvements, there is also something called “Infinite Editing”, more about that below!

What is Umbraco 8?

Umbraco 8 is the latest release of Umbraco CMS that will usher in benchmarks for the new generation of websites built on the Umbraco platform, for content managers and web developers.

In this new version of Umbraco, you will find great improvements to the editor experience as it will be a lot simpler to work with the Umbraco back office with the introduction of Infinite Editing. Umbraco 8 also includes native support for multilingual content with Language Variants, and you will also find a new extension concept called Content Apps allowing for easy content-aware functionality to be added to Umbraco. On top of this, Umbraco 8 includes several technical improvements including a brand new cache system, great performance enhancements and upgrades to the codebase to make it even easier to contribute.

Infinite Editing - a frictionless editing experience

The natural and frictionless flow of editing is at the heart of the user experience for Umbraco CMS back office. As content management systems evolve, the process of content evolves with and so, the process is no longer linear but a configuration of reusable content blocks which can provide a number of challenges for an easy to use CMS.

Infinite Editing

That’s where Infinite Editing comes to the forefront, it allow users the ability to “zoom” into each content element while never losing sight of the overarching picture. As with all Umbraco features, Infinite Editing provides and API which allows developers to make use of this feature in their own versions of Umbraco and tailoring the CMS back office.

As with any feature of Umbraco, Infinite Editing also provides an API that allows developers to utilise this feature in their own extensions and tailor the Umbraco back office to suit their particular needs.

Language Variants

As more and more businesses expand and scale to provide their product or service offerings across multiple different countries and languages, the need for CMSs to evolve becomes more apparent.

The release of Umbraco 8 features Language Variants, which makes it much easier to manage multilingual on the site. It allows variations of the same content to be gathered in one single project without the need for workarounds, hacks or external plugins.

Content is Complex

In an ideal world, content is great when it’s straightforward to manage, and looks appealing to the eye. However, all web editors know that isn’t always the case especially when dealing with the same content in different languages such as Japanese which is top to bottom, with columns ordered from right to left.

To help ease the intricacies of multilingual content, the latest version of Umbraco developed a new set of built in tools by introducing Language Variants. Simply put, this allows all content can exist in multiple variations at the same time within a particular Umbraco 8.

It allows;

  • The ability for content editors to switch between languages in preview mode
  • Provides a side by side mode when editing two different pieces of content at the same time
  • Support for mandatory languages i.e. if your two markets are France and Germany, then both languages must be in place before a node can be published.
  • Ability to select which content variants editors want to publish

All this allows Umbraco 8 to deliver a more seamless multilingual editing experience.

Content Apps

One of the innovations that Umbraco 8 will introduce is the Content Apps, these provide a completely new way to build, learn and assess and as a result, improve your content.

Available as part of the content node, they will make it easy to use the apps while creating, edit, publish and update content in Umbraco.

Content Apps are intended to sit alongside the editing experience and give you valuable information and feedback on the content that has been created including results of the impact from the content that has been previously published and even provide you with content improvement suggestions. This decreases the use for external tools; saving time for editors and helping them generate better content.  

Content Apps in Umbraco 8 framework also enables developers to build their own apps and make them available as Umbraco extensions, allowing more flexibility and customisation for everyone involved.

Umbraco says content app functionality could be things such as:

  • Analytics integrations for details on adoption, engagement, audience etc.
  • Support tools with information and analysis of composition and structure of content.
  • Information from 3rd party applications in relation to the content (e.g. E-commerce statistics)
  • Workflow support tools to guide an internal process for content creation and review.

We are extremely excited for all the innovations and possibilities that Umbraco 8 is going to be bringing and can’t wait to use it!

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