Top 5 Tactics To Elevate Your Black Friday Campaign

Black Friday weekend marks the beginning of the most crucial period in the retail calendar. From the 29th November right through to the 2nd December, consumers are at their most engaged; your audience will be eager for a bargain and ready to convert with the right deal. Preparing your marketing strategy in advance is crucial for success on the day, we’ve gathered 5 of our top tips and tricks to inspire your holiday season campaign.

By Alannah Fleming, 20 November 2019

Create A Countdown Buzz

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner but there’s still time to nail down a marketing strategy to boost sales and maximise conversions. Consumer’s use the weeks leading up to Christmas to browse online for gift inspiration, yet many hold off on committing to a purchase until the seasonal sales. With the rising popularity of Black Friday, your customers know they are sure to get a discount at this time. With this is in mind, promoting your intended campaign in advance secures conversions on the day. Many companies now drop hints and early access codes to their audience all throughout November to create a countdown buzz. Rewarding loyal customers with V.I.P markdowns can also be a great way to foster returning customers. If your customer base goes beyond the UK, it’s important to bear in mind other keys dates in November where discounts are expected; Thanksgiving 28 November for US shoppers and Singles Day on the 11th for the Chinese market.

Optimise Your Ad Campaigns 

Standing out on Black Friday can be difficult, with the plethora of deals and discounts vying for customer attention your campaign should offer something unique into the mix. Collating data from your own Black Friday/other top performing campaigns can help you optimise for 2019. Keeping track of what worked in terms of audiences, creatives, geographies and devices arms you with proven tactics to utilize on the day. Don’t be afraid to learn from your peers, keep in mind other successful Black Friday launches and pick and choose the techniques that will work best for your audience.

Lookalike Audiences

If you are seeking to expand your customer base, lookalike audiences are a must. Utilising lookalike audiences allows you to eookalike Audiencesxpand your reach to people who are likely to be interested in your business, creating new prospects and potential leads/customers. It’s a no brainer; just make sure that your lookalike pixel is in place on your website in the weeks before Black Friday to build up a strong custom audience. By creating an audience with an exact likeness to your existing customers, you are guaranteed to get the best performance from your ad budget. Similarly, by carrying out A/B testing on copy and collateral ahead of time, you’re helping to ensure maximum conversions throughout the Black Friday weekend.

Multi-targeting Tactics

During the holiday shopping period, multi-targeting tactics are paramount. The majority of Cyber Monday purchases are carried out on mobile, so you will want to invest in targeted mobile ads. However, it is very important to make sure that your campaign is consistent across different platforms and devices. Cohesive copy and mobile optimised collateral are of key importance. That said, banner blindness can be an issue depending on how long your campaign runs. By regularly switching up your creatives you can prevent ad fatigue and keep your audience engaged. Be sure to make use of videos, gifs and interactive ads to really stand out.

Optimised Website

A landing page can make or break a campaign. It’s imperative that your intended landing pages tie in with your ads, ideally, each ad should have its own unique conversion page. This consistency is vital in preventing drop-offs, which can be common for inflated deals or discounts. A good landing page should be simple, to the point and include stand out CTA’s. If your business is opting for category-specific sales instead of site-wide discounts, segmented emails with highly targeted landing pages could be best for maximum impact. Lastly, if you are worried about site performance now is the time to optimize. Many businesses have lost out on Black Friday due to site crashes and slow load times. Learn from their mistakes and have a contingency plan in place.

It’s not too late to get an optimised site and solid marketing strategy in place. At The Zen Agency, we can work quickly and efficiently to develop a cost-effective marketing plan suited to your business. If your business could benefit from a marketing partner with over 20 years of seasonal experience, be sure to get in touch today! Browse through our range of services here.  

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