The Zen Agency embarks work with a Global Dog Food Giant

The Zen Agency has begun working with a Billy + Margot and Benyfit Natural, part of the international pet food group that trades as the Real Pet Food Company

By Noman Kenneth, 25 April 2019

The Zen Agency has begun working with a Billy + Margot and Benyfit Natural, part of the international pet food group that trades as the Real Pet Food Company in markets outside the UK and has operations in Australia, New Zealand, US and China.

Billy + Margot, the brainchild of a distinguished canine nutritionist, Marie Jones; is set to take the UK Dog food market by storm as it has done so across numerous other countries when it launches later this year. Renowned for their use of the finest quality meats, superfoods and holistic ingredients Billy + Margot is lovingly crafted for fur babies.

The brand unofficially came to life when Marie started to produce icy treats for Billy, her black Labrador, who often suffered from the heat. When Billy was six, he got a sister Margot, who came along just at the right time to be an assistant taste tester for the iced treats. After much research, Marie launched her business and in 2012 found herself on the Dragon’s Den and accepted an offer of funding from Deborah Meaden.

Over the years, Billy + Margot has significantly expanded their offering to include dry, wet and chilled dog food and a number of other sensational treats! Marie has also created the Billy + Margot Circle of Nutrition which provides dogs with the variety and interest they crave.

Benyfit Natural, on the other hand, was founded by Ben Van Praagh whose passion for breeding and training working dogs birthed some fresh ideas after a successful career in business.

“I got chatting with a friend who was enthusiastic about raw food diets for dogs," says Ben.

"It made perfect sense. In the wild, dogs eat all sorts of raw meat and bone, as well as grazing on plants and vegetables. They don't go cooking up 'turkey and bacon risottos' for themselves - or make little dried pellets that all taste the same. But we give them this kind of food which can actually be full of carbs and entirely wrong for their digestive systems, causing health problems and obesity."

After carrying out research and seeking out experts, Ben started creating recipes and changing the diet of his dogs. The results were fitter and happier dogs with better performance at competitions.

Orders started to flood in and in 2014 Benyfit Natural, producing 100% natural raw dog food for working dogs. The raw food diet promotes a number of health benefits for dogs including balanced energy levels, healthy skin and a shiny soft coat, better immunity and fewer allergies to mention a few.

The project will include working with the teams at Billy+Margot and Benyfit Natural to create creative campaigns, carry out the wealth of digital marketing across PPC, Social Media, email and much more as well as website development.

We’re excited to sink our teeth into these projects and looking forward to seeing the results we can achieve!

Visit the Billy + Margot and Benyfit Natural website.

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