The 5 Best Social Media Campaigns Of 2019

When it comes to social media, creativity is key, although, not all social media campaigns are created equal, With a plethora of platforms and strategies to choose from, finding the right ones for your business takes time. Let’s have a look at some of the best Social Media strategies and campaigns of 2019 to inspire your business goals for 2020.

By Alannah Fleming, 06 November 2019

With social media marketing, success can take many forms. Which is why partnering with a Digital Marketing like The Zen Agency is the answer to tapping into your businesses’ full potential. 47% of marketers admit that they find it difficult to develop a social media marketing strategy that aligned with their business goals. Yet, finding the right digital strategy can be vital for brand growth, helping generate traffic, generating sales and creating loyal customers. For inspiration let's look back to the best social media strategies of the past year. 

Daniel Wellington- User Generated Content 

Daniel Wellington create minimalist watches that appeal to a younger generation of consumers. With that in mind, they choose to focus their social media efforts on the youth-led social platform, Instagram. Since the beginning, a large part of their content strategy revolved around user-generated content, reposting images of their customers wearing Daniel Wellington watches. This recently developed into encouraging their loyal customers to post images of themselves wearing the watch at beautiful locations. Daniel Wellington then would then repost the content to their own channels asking their audience to guess where the photo was taken with the caption #WheresWellington. By making a slight adjustment to their strategy and adding an element of gamification, their engagement skyrocketed overnight. New and existing customers commented in droves wanting to guess the right answer. By knowing their core audience and experimenting with different techniques, Daniel Wellington discovered their social media niche.


MoonPie- Viral Marketing                          

This year marked the anniversary of NASA’s Apollo 11 moon landing. Subsequently, #Moon2024 began trending all over social media. Moon pie the American confectionary company, took this as an opportunity to ride the trending wave by creating the campaign and hashtag #MoonPieToTheMoon2024. The viral hashtag was an attempt to get NASA to send the snack to space, the accompanying online petition reached over 3000 signatures. This is a wonderful example of how you can jump on relevant trending topics and cultural moments to create your own campaign.


British Army- Emotive Campaigning

In 2019, the British Army had one objective; to reach millennials. And how to do you reach millennials? By marketing directly to them. So they kicked of their recruitment campaign on Twitter, encouraging millennials to enrol. They used emotive language, flipping societal stereotypes of millennials on their heads by turning them into army worthy attributes. Selfie obsessed or confident, distracted or driven? Their clever use of language was appealed to millennials in two respects, it gave them confidence in their capabilities while also tapping into their patriotic spirit. The brand specific hashtags #YourArmyNeedsYou, #FindWhereYouBelong, and retro imagery worked well to capture the attention of their chosen audience.


Pantone- Cause Marketing

Every year Pantone releases a ‘colour of the year’ in 2019 they opted for ‘Living Coral,’ in a bid to raise awareness on the decimation of living coral reefs due to climate change. The ‘Glowing, Glowing, Gone’ campaign partnered with Adobe to create a design challenge which invited brands and creatives to show their support by using the colour in their work. Selected designs were to be screened in New York City’s Time Square among others. This genius collaboration seen success on two fronts, it encouraged the use of Pantone's colours and of the Adobe software while appealing to both businesses demographics. By inspiring action against climate change through creativity, they breathed life into their marketing, and the cause.


Greggs- Humour

In what was called a ‘master class in public relations’ by PR Week, the marketing campaign to launch the Greggs vegan sausage roll in 2019 impressively harnessed social media to boost profits. By adopting a sense of humour to promote the new product, Greggs managed to build such excitement around the launch that they sold out UK wide within the day. The campaign didn’t contain itself to copy either, the excellent use of images; packaging and video parodying the tone of an iPhone commercial drew in mass and even celebrity attention. The mock commercial garnered 50,000 views and got ardent coverage in the national and industry media.


Capturing the attention of your target audience on social media is all about putting the right message out at the right time. Partnering with a digital partner like The Zen Agency provides you with a fully bespoke marketing strategy, personalised to your business and your goals. If you’re ready to unlock your potential and think your business could benefit from any of our digital or social services get in touch today.

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