Strategic Social Media Wins for Billy + Margot at The Zen Agency

With our omnichannel approach, we were able to develop a strong brand voice for Billy + Margot, laying the groundwork for their social DNA.

By Alannah Fleming, 23 July 2019

In the age of pets over parenthood comes leading premium dog food brand Billy + Margot, part of the international pet food group the Real Pet Food Company. Developed by canine nutritionist Marie Jones in 2011, Billy + Margot has seen success across a number of countries around the world and in 2019 took on the exciting task of launching in the UK. To aid them in this task, Billy + Margot partnered with The Zen Agency to help them tackle the £3 Billion-pound UK pet food market.

The changing tide of pet consumerism has seen the emergence of a new kind of pet owner. Pet owners who view their pets more as part of the family, rather than simply a dog. In short, they have a “fur baby”. This change in how pets fit into our lives, has driven growth in the UK pet food market, particularly in terms of premium dog food brands like Billy + Margot. These consumers want only the best in terms of dog food, dog treats and even dog clothing. This desire for premium, traceable, locally sourced and high protein dog food, played a key role in The Zen Agency’s marketing approach for Billy + Margot.

As part of their UK launch, The Zen Agency worked with Billy + Margot to make a concentrated effort towards implementing a digital marketing strategy in order to connect with target users and essentially increase their sales. In order to achieve the best ROI, we deduced that their target market; dog owners, 28+ and predominantly female were best targeted through social media.

Therefore, our efforts were to be focused on raising brand awareness, building an audience online through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and directing our audience to Billy + Margot’s Pets At Home landing page, leading to an increase in conversions.

With our omnichannel approach, we were able to develop a strong brand voice for Billy + Margot, laying the groundwork for their social DNA. Their social media strategy was comprised of; paid and organic content curated by The Zen Agency, thoughtful outreach to their followers, the integration of competitions and offers to drive sales and engagement, and user generated content.

The combination of friendly, fun and informative content and ruthless optimization brought several success stories. With our campaigns Billy + Margot have seen significant increases in both reach and engagement levels.  Our unique content and engaging adverts brought their monthly Facebook reach to 47,212, their engagement to 9667, and their page likes up by 219%. We integrated these successes across channels adding on an average 200 likes and follows on Instagram and Twitter per month. Since the beginning of our partnership these numbers have been on a steady incline. 

By building brand loyalty and honouring an already devoted audience, The Zen Agency established an emotive and strategic social media marketing approach, which saw Billy + Margot’s successful launch into the UK. As per our aims, we were able to increase brand awareness, increase social media engagement and increase sales while implementing their tone of voice and brand guidelines.

After Billy + Margot’s exciting and lucrative launch into Pets At Home, we look forward to helping them conquer the whole of the UK pet market, with the future successes ensured by The Zen Agency’s long term marketing strategy.

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