Reasons to use Umbraco

When planning or scoping out a new website, there are a plethora of options for content management systems available on the market, we look at why Umbraco is a good option.

By Noman Kenneth, 30 October 2018

When planning or scoping out a new website, there are numerous options for content management systems available on the market. In this article, we look at why Umbraco is a good option. 

When planning or scoping out a new website, there are a plethora of options for content management systems available on the market. The options range from the very well-known, WordPress to Drupal through to high-end systems like SiteCore, all with different pros and cons and different learning curves. However, in this article we’ll look at Umbraco and the advantages it offers to medium to enterprise level websites.

Umbraco is getting increasingly popular amongst everyone from users who have a basic level of experience with website CMSs to those who are experienced using other platforms due to its flat learning curve. Below, we’ll look at 5 reasons to use Umbraco as a CMS.


Content is the key that unlocks many doors (or rankings in our case!) It allows build trust within a consumer and business relationship which is more likely to lead to sales and conversions. Of course, good quality content which is displayed in a pleasing way (think UX) will also lead to better rankings within search engines.

Umbraco makes content management extremely simple and quick, with a rich text editor allowing text content to be easily published and amended. You can also save different versions of content to compare them against each other and schedule publishing and unpublishing times for content.

The media library is easily managed with a simple folder structure, search bar, and names, making it easy to find and sort through pictures.


Optimising pages and content requires time and effort in order to see lasting results. Umbraco allows every page to have different formatting options such as Titles, Meta, H1, and H2 which sound like commonplace but some content management systems require a plugin to have to those options. Umbraco also offers 301s redirect straight out of the box as well as multilingual site capabilities.


There are a number of great control features that Umbraco provides. You can add users; restrict user privileges with ease while the ability to amend and change functionality can also be added. For example, if you need to add contact forms, you can download one of the packages which offer the feature, download and install it without having to pay custom development costs. All you’ll need to do is get a developer to install it.

Integration and community

Using a new platform always comes with some questions and need for advice. For times such as this, Umbraco has a large and helpful community, which can offer you advice and helpfully point you in the right direction.

Umbraco also offers an ease of integration across a number of platforms, such a Microsoft dynamics, Salesforce and a host of other CRM systems to make yours and your customer journey better. Of course, the integration of social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram is also easily achieved.

It’s free!

Yep, you read that right! Umbraco is a totally free open sourced platform so you only pay for the design work and development work and there are plenty of packages that can be downloaded and installed with the help of a developer, there is no need for a monthly subscription. Umbraco is also extremely robust and user-friendly.

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