Is Social Media really that important?

Is Social Media really that important?

If you even have to ask that, we might not be the right agency for you. Our team here at The Zen Agency 100% believe in social media. Wether we use it to reach, engage or create leads with a target audience, we’re all about it.

Is Social Media really that important?

UK audiences spend approximately 108 minutes per day browsing social media. From a marketing perspective, it’s the perfect opportunity to get your brand and message infront of your target audience. The reality is, if you aren’t being pro-active and creative on social media, the chances are, your audience are being served adverts from your competitors, something none of us want. It plays a major role in how not only we as individuals communicate with one an other but how we communicate with brands.

It’s not just as easy as creating a Facebook page and the work is done. The hard work is only beginning. Our team of creatives spend their days in the office coming up with new creative approaches to get infront of our clients. We spend our days thinking of video content ideas, static content ideas, reels, static approaches to then be posted as:

  • YouTube Adverts
  • Facebook Adverts
  • Instagram Adverts
  • Twitter Adverts
  • Linkedin Adverts
  • Display adverts

Once we’ve decided exactly what we’ll be using to target your audience. We then spend a dedicated amount of time targeting your audience at an EXACT TIME, in the EXACT location on the EXACT device we know your audience will be using to engage with our advert.

Social media also helps to drive traffic to your 'hub' also known as your website. If you have an e-commerce platform, driving traffic to your website is essential to help generate sales. There's many ways to drive traffic to your website from your social channels, but they key is getting your audience in the content being presented them. No matter where they may be in their customer journey, if they see something they like or admire, the chances are it will generate interest and traffic. It's then a matter of making sure you continue to get on the consumers screen with that content, with the intention of that resulting in a conversion / sale! 

Work we've done for clients 

As part of the re-launch of The Heritage and Education Team at Chivas Brothers, the InSpirit Team was created. As part of the relaunch the team at Zen played a major role in the creation and development of the new brand guideline document for the brand. We then got to work on the development of the brand Instagram account. Head to our blog piece on the work we done with the brand here. 

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