Google now shows when specific URL was crawled

Google now allows SEOs and web admins to check when certain URLs were crawled.

By Noman Kenneth, 03 July 2018

Google Search Console will allow and display specific information around when a certain website was crawled. The new “URL inspection” tool will provide detailed index, crawl and serving information about pages which is pulled directly from Google index.

Google says this new tool aims to provide some of the most commonly requested new features.
”One of our most common user requests in Search Console is for more details on how Google Search sees a specific URL. We listened, and today we’ve started launching a new tool, “URL inspection,” to provide these details so Search becomes more transparent.”

SEOs can enter a certain URL that they own into Google Search Console, and Google will return the last crawl date and status as well as any errors while crawling or indexing, and the canonical URL for that page.

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If successful, SEOs will be able to see information and status about enhancements on the page such as an AMP. Alternatively, if unsuccessful, Google will supply a report that includes information about noindex status and robots Meta tags. Reports will also allow SEOs to find out if other pages are impacted by the same issues.

Google has begun rolling out the URL inspection tool and should be available to all users within the next few weeks.

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