5 Social Media Truths You Need to Hear (Even if You Don’t Want To)

Here are five truths you need to hear about social media marketing that may not be all warm and fuzzy, but certainly worth listening to!

By Cat Wellwood, 04 October 2019

Few careers are as fun and challenging as social media marketing. Despite rapid changes in technology, social media is still a young market and is often misunderstood. With some people believing that Twitter and Facebook are magical marketing worlds where every post goes viral, the team at Zen felt it necessary to dispel such rumours.

So before you dive head-first into the world of social media and start your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram accounts to help your business growth reach impressive new heights, there are a few things you should probably hear first…

Here are five truths you need to hear about social media marketing that may not be all warm and fuzzy, but certainly worth listening to!

  1. It’s Not Completely Free

There’s no disputing that social media marketing is still highly cost effective and is one of the easiest ways to get your content in front of a highly-targeted audience, however, it’s not free and in some cases can cost a lot more than you may think.

When planning your social media strategy, it’s important to think not just about the overall cost, but to consider time as well. How much time will it take to create your planned social media content? Also, how much time will it take to both publish and monitor your content? How much time does it take to execute any advertising for your content? All of these things will come into play when creating social media content.

It’s vital to treat your brand’s social media presence like any other marketing channel and allocate an appropriate budget. With the right person (or agency), you’ll likely find that investing in social media will help to boost brand marketing KPI’s across marketing channels.

  1. It’s Not Magic

Another misconception regarding social media marketing is that all you need to do is share a few posts and new business will magically start to roll in. In some cases, this can quickly lead to frustration – brands now understand they need to be active on social media, but many are unable to crack the elusive code to success.

The truth is, achieving your business goals with social media takes time, strategy and budget. Developing your brand’s own social DNA is a process that will definitely take some trial and error along the way. If you’re going to start leveraging social media to help drive business, you need to understand that this will take consistency, commitment and above all adaptation.  

  1. It’s the Future

Social media has irrevocably changed the way we communicate and it’s only set to become more prevalent in coming years.

Considering the sheer amount of usage and impressions that social sites now enjoy, many believe they should be viewed on par with most major news networks. When it comes to investing in social media marketing, it’s important to ask yourself one question. Would you say no to the opportunity to get your brand a primetime placement on a news channel?

Even if you’re still semi-resistant to social media, you’re limiting the scope of your brand’s growth by not jumping in and giving it a shot. Even if you or your target audience don’t consider themselves ‘power users’, younger generations have always had access to these platforms and businesses have already started to court them for future business.

It’s important to ask yourself where your brand will be 5 or even 10 years down the line without a strong social presence.

  1. It’s vital you start to re-think your relationships

In most cases, social media marketers will generally fall into two distinct categories: realists and idealists.

An idealist social media marketer will typically preach about brands needing to build lasting relationships directly with users on social media platforms to successfully market to them. Realist marketers are aware that relationships are important, however, they believe that no individual will turn to a specific brand for emotional support.

When it comes to social media, it’s vital that we begin to re-think relationships. If businesses now work towards providing real value to social media users, more than trying to develop an unrealistic ‘best friend’ relationship, you will start to see social media channels drive results.

In today’s digital savvy society, consumers don’t look to brands or logos for relationships, they look to brands for value. Instead of portraying themselves as your new best friend, businesses should look to offer lasting value to customers (both new and established).

  1. Strategy is invaluable

When it comes to social media marketing, the fun part for most people is the Instagramming, Tweeting and posting on Facebook, however social tactics without a defined strategy will be a waste of both time and money. 

Many brands fail to define why they’re communicating on social media platforms and skip straight to talking about what they will be posting instead. 

Would you be able to spot the different between tactics and a strategy? Strategy refers to the overarching campaign plan, whereas tactics are the actions utilised to achieve this plan. 

It’s important to remember that tactics without a clearly defined strategy will typically fail.

When it comes to developing a strategy, it’s important to consider which tactics are vital to your business and which are simply nice to have. Make sure you start with clearly defined goals, define your strategy and THEN develop a plan to get there.

There are a ton of benefits to using social media for your business – it’s relatively inexpensive, it offers access to a huge potential audience and is one of the easiest ways to modernise your brand online. Plus, you can have some real fun with it!

If you’re looking to develop a social media strategy for your business, get in touch today to see how our team can help you create a winning social media strategy.

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