15 Video Marketing Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

Still not convinced with video marketing? Then look no further than our need to know stats.

By Graeme Watt, 06 March 2017

Video has now cemented itself as an essential element in strategic marketing. It provides a more engaging way to tell your story and helps build relationships with your users.

We can no longer treat video as the ‘newcomer’ to the marketing mix, its importance is undeniable.

Some still have to be convinced and so we thought it would be a good idea to write this blog and highlight 15 of the key statistics which really show how well video marketing can work.

1. “51% of executives under the age of 40 reported making a purchase decision after watching a brands video.”  

Videos are extremely influential especially when it comes to younger users. Target audience should influence what type of content you are producing and where it is promoted.

2. “68% of consumers prefer to watch explainer videos to solve any product related problems” (source wyzowl)

Users will now turn to YouTube when troubleshooting a product, having your own branded explainer videos can be a great way to engage with your audience and keep customers happy.

3. “81% of brands feature videos on their website with homepage video increasing conversions by 20% or more” (source Insidecxm  

Video has now become the norm, if you don’t have video on your website you run the risk of falling behind your competitors.

4. “Blog posts which make use of video attract three times as many inbound links as blog posts without video.“  (source moz.com)

We all know the links are one of the most important ranking factors when it comes to Google’s algorithm, producing a solid blog with some supporting video content can be a great way to increase the likelihood of attracting links which will do wonders for your SEO. 

5. “Landing pages which have video can increase conversions by up to 80%” (source  eyeviewdigital.com)

PPC marketers spend endless hour tweaking design & copy on landing pages however video is often overlooked as a solution for increasing conversion rates.

6. “YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year” (source YouTube)

 YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google if you are not active on this platform you run the risk of never getting in front of some of your target audience. 

7. “75% of online video viewers have interacted with an online ad this month” (source tremor video)

As users become savvier to search ads, video can be an innovative way to advertise your product.

8. “Using the word video in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19% and CTR by 65% (source content marketing institute)

If your email strategy needs a revamp then consider introducing some video for an impact on both clicks and opens.

9. “90% of online shoppers at a major retailer’s website said they found video helpful in making purchase decisions” (source video brewery)

Encourage your users to buy with helpful videos showing off your products.

10. “Periscope users watch over 100 years of live videos every day” (source Periscope)

Live streaming has grew exponentially in the last few years and is a great way to engage with your audience. It is ideal in situations such as giving users a behind the scenes look at your organisation.

11. “Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined” (source Brightcove)

We naturally share videos more than any other medium, this can help get our content in front of previously untapped audiences 

12. 65% of video viewers watch more than ¾ of a video (source digital information world)

Some people are wary that people won’t spend time watching videos on websites however this stat tends to suggest otherwise. Video length is important however and generally long videos should be avoided.

13. 75% of users check a company’s website after they have viewed a video about their services ( source webpagefx)

If a user comes across your video on Youtube, Twitter or other social platforms then they are extremely likely to check out your website as a result. This can be a great way to boost your traffic.

14. Sites which include video have an extra two minutes dwell time than sites which don’t (source digital information world)

Including video can be a great way to increase the amount of time the average user spends on your website

15. 62% of consumers will have a negative image of a brand if the video published is poor quality (source webpage fx)

Video quality is essential, don’t just create and post videos for the sake of it, make the investment and do it right otherwise it can actually harm your brand rather than helping.



The use of video continues to grow and marketers should now be thinking how they can incorporate more video and interactive content into their marketing strategy.

Producing high-quality videos can be challenging and with barriers to entry such as equipment and expertise it can often be difficult to know where to begin. If you would like to find out more about how Zen can help with your video marketing or you have another digital project in mind then please get in touch so we can have a chat.

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