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Categories: Public and Non profit making sectors

Released: 01/01/2014

St Andrew’s First Aid wanted to find a simple, user friendly way for visitors to their website to conduct an assessment into whether or not they are sufficiently trained and equipped to deal with first aid incidents within their workplace and if not how to find the relevant resources. 

Changes in HSE First Aid requirements mean that employers are directly responsible for ensuring that they have sufficient First Aid cover and that it meets the requirements of their workplace.

Following an information gathering exercise, The Zen Agency designed, created and built the ‘Workplace First Aid Calculator’. The calculator, which was developed alongside HSE law and St Andrew's First Aid recommendations, takes into account a variety of variables, entered into the calculator by the user, before providing an accurate list of what is required to ensure that the organisation is prepared if and when an incident should occur.

First Aid requirements in the workplace can now be established as quickly as dialling 999, using the Workplace First Aid Calculator. The quick and easy to use calculator recommends first aid training courses and supplies based on the latest Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance and individual workplace needs. 

This has enabled St Andrew’s First Aid to provide an important service 24/7 with the minimum of resource, which is critical to an organisation that relies so heavily on charitable donations to continue its important work.

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