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Released: 01/03/2018


Chivas Brothers is the Scotch whisky and premium gin business of Pernod Ricard, the world’s co-leader in wine and spirits. The Zen Agency were recommended to Chivas after working extensively and very successfully within the drinks industry on a number of different projects. 

Chivas Brothers approached Zen with a project that involved a number of different communication channels which they required to be amalgamated into one platform entitled Chivas Spirit. Chivas Spirit had to be a magazine editorial which provided filtered access dependent on the user of the site.

It is a multi-tiered system which provides information globally including to staff of Chivas Brothers and Pernod Ricard as well as to members of the general public all with varying levels of access. 

Integrated strategy planning

The Zen Agency worked extensively with Chivas Brothers to create a clearly defined strategy for the Chivas Spirit project. This involved looking at every aspect of the current digital footprint and considering how the new platform would provide all required functionality and ultimately meet the business objectives.

User Research

The Chivas Spirit website would have a focus on 3 specific user groups all of which would have different access levels these were: Chivas Brothers, Pernod Ricard and External users (general public) User personas were created for each distinct group. This allowed us to map out appropriate journeys for each persona and consider how they would interact with the website. 

Mobile Responsive Design

We understood that the new website would be predominantly accessed via tablets, as such we strategically built the website for tablets first however the responsive design ensured it displayed correctly on all devices. The Zen Agency went through a rigorous testing process to ensure the templates responded as they should across all platforms.  

Accessibility Standards

The new Chivas Spirit website built to W3C standards ensuring the solution was usable and accessible to as many people as possible. 

Google Analytics

As there were 3 distinct users groups which were going to be using the Chivas Spirit website, it was important for Chivas Brothers to be able to segment the data when viewing the analytics. As such we implemented advanced segmentation within the analytics which allowed them to filter by the various user groups. 


Chivas Spirit is built on the open source Umbraco CMS. It is extremely easy to use and allows their in house team to manage the platform on a day to day basis. 


We fully integrated the platform with social feeds for ten different brands as well as both internal intranet, CRM systems and Adpro. 

User Experience Design

The new site was designed and developed in a manner which allowed the targeted users to easily and quickly find the information which they required through clear calls to action. The site had a distinct ‘magazine style’ feel to it which helped add to the engagement levels of users. 

Information Architecture

We created a website structure which allowed users to find the information which they required in the minimum amount of clicks possible. It was structured in manner that allowed it to operate efficiently which in turn added to the overall user experience. 


An extensive UAT process was performed to ensure the website performed exactly as expected.  

Chivas Spirit

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