Case Study

National Trust for Scotland

Maximising visibility through Google Grants

we recommended that an ongoing strategy was implemented that would allow us to continually refine keyword
The National Trust for Scotland

The Project

The National Trust for Scotland (NTS) is Scotland’s largest charity organisation with over 310,000 members, the trust owns and manages around 130 properties and 180,000 acres of land around Scotland. This includes many historic landmarks including castles, county houses and ancient dwellings.

NTS as a charity qualify for the Google Grants scheme which entitles the advertiser to $10,000 USD each month to be spent on the AdWords platform. NTS had recently set up their campaign however were not receiving the results which they expected. They approached The Zen Agency to audit and set up the AdWords account to get maximum return.

PPC Account Audit

As a first step in the project we did an audit of the current account, from the initial audit which uncovered a number of issues. There was a lack of relevancy between the keywords which were being targeted, the ad copy and the landing pages. This was leading to a lower than average CTR.  We also noticed that the analytics was not currently connected to the AdWords account and there was no goal conversions implemented. 

Keyword research

We undertook extensive keyword research using industry leading tools and techniques. Once we had a master list of all the keywords which were relevant to the various objectives we could then put these into close knit groups of around 10-20 keywords. These would become the ad groups within the account. This allowed us to flesh out the campaign structure and would ensure we would have relevancy between ad copy, keywords and landing pages.

Ad Copy

The next stage was to write creative ad copy that was relevant to our keywords and landing pages. Including calls to action and added value in the ad copy would entice users to click on the advert. We created a minimum of two adverts for every ad group. This would provide valuable results about how users react to different messages with the copy.  

The National Trust for Scotland

The Results

The campaign was created for NTS, we recommended that an ongoing strategy was implemented that would allow us to continually refine keywords, negative keywords and ad copy while reporting on results on a weekly basis. 

The new account structure ensured that NTS was able to use their $10,000 per month and saw an increase in 61% in impressions and a 127% increase in the number of clicks. 

Princes Trust Zen worked with Prince's Trust designing two mobile apps as well as conducted UX interviews and testing with young people enrolled in the program.