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At Zen we don't just provide you with a service and leave you in the Big Bad World Wide Web to fend for yourself. We provide on-going, post launch support, such as tracking the performance of your websites analytics and ensuring you receive the highest level of customer services by assigning you an Account Manager dedicated to ensuring your needs are met.

If you require you can host your site on the Zen server, we use Enterprise Cloud VMware servers which boast 100% uptime meaning all content is fully backed up daily for security and our hosting comes with server management as standard (basically your website is in safe hands).

We provide a range of support packages which offer a number of services or you can costmise a support package based on your companies requirements, these include:

  • Blogging & Copywriting
  • Website Updates
  • Seasonal Design changes
  • Monthly reporting
  • Website Health Checks
  • General help & Advice
  • Ideas Brainstorm
  • SEO Training
  • PPC Campaign Management