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A range of services to help make the most of your web presence.

  • Digital Marketing Services

Use the latest communication channels and tools to reach your target audience.

Online PR & Viral

Want to make some noise? We can create PR campaigns aimed specifically at the publics you wish to target.  We know how to create a fuss over clients and their products so whether it's a viral campaign or an offline stunt you would like to integrate with your online activity, get is touch.

Web copywriting

Creative copy is critical to keeping your site visitors engaged and crucial for optimisation of your pages. Copy informs and is the vehicle where by which you can push out key messages. We provide copy writing services so you can make sure you are conveying the right message to your clients while ensuring your sites copy is optimised for search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is about getting found. Zen will devise an SEO strategy to ensure that your site ranks highly within the search engines and as such becomes one of the most visited sites within your market sector.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing allows brands to engage and build meaningful relationships with new and existing customers using popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We provide a range of social media services for your business, including consultancy, bespoke training and management. 

Paid Search/ Pay Per Click (PPC)

We can implement and manage a PPC campaign that will further boost site visits and improve your brand visibility across a range of search and content networks. Keyword analysis will be provided as standard by us to give you the most accurately targeted adverts designed to reach the most qualified customers.

Email Marketing

Over the years we have created a number of email marketing campaigns which have allowed our clients to beat the clutter and deliver customised messages to their customers. We will design, execute and monitor your email campaigns and also create landing pages/microsites for respondents to click through to.

QR Codes

QR codes are a handy way for your customers to interact with your online web strategy through offline modes of communication. We can create a QR strategy which allow you to interact with your customers wherever they may be.