The Brief

Auchentoshan wanted to provide whisky drinkers with an added incentive to visit the Auchentoshan website and at the same time increase their database of customers. The whisky producer tasked Zen with developing an engaging medium that would push new and existing customers to their site and allow for the online capture of their contact information.

The Solution

Zen created a QR code campaign that targeted customers by providing them with a card which featured a QR code which they received on the purchased of a dram or bottle of Auchentoshan from a super market.

Customers would scan the QR code with their smart phone and be taken to the website where they would to register online to enter a competition that would give them the chance to win a Rolex.


The campaign was a resounding success, the desirable prize fitting for Auchentoshan’s target market, those who enjoy the quality and in particular, quality whisky.

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