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Google Launches Authorship Analytics in G+

  • Google Launches Authorship Analytics in G+

  • 14 Nov 2012

    Social Media


    Posted by Matthew Marley

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  • According to several sources, a new feature is being rolled out in Google+ that provides analytics of how well pages set up with Google Authorship are performing in search engine results, including ‘URL’, ‘Impressions’, ‘Clicks’ and the ‘Click Through Rate’.

    Google Authorship involves the connecting of content that you have published with your own Google+ account, using the Rel=Author mark-up. This means that when your content appears as the result of a search, it will be presented with a link to your Google+ profile, its thumbnail image and the number of circles that you belong to on the social network.


    The new Authorship Analytics can be found just below the ‘Have You in Circles’ tab on the right hand section of your Google+  profile page , although this doesn’t appear to be live for all users yet.

     Authorship (1)

    Once you click on the Authorship Analytics tab you will be taken to a new page and presented with the analytics that give you a complete overview of how well your published content is performing.

    Authorship -Analytics


    As previously mentioned not all users have access to the feature which likely means that Google are only testing this feature at the moment. There’s also been no official statement from them yet, so will we will keep you updated as things develops. 

    [Images via Geekbeat.TV]

  • Matthew Marley

    Matthew Marley is the Online Strategy Manager at The Zen Agency. For more information contact him directly on matthewmarley@thezenagency.com


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  • Karess posted on 03 December 2012:

    I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so enthrlalnig!

  • Sergey Marchuk posted on 20 November 2012:

    Sean is right, it's "rel="author"". Also; i'm one of the many that have to wait for this sweet feature :(

  • Sean Fleming (@flemingsean) posted on 16 November 2012:

    Matt - thanks for writing this. Very useful. I've been reading about this for a while. However, I thought it was called "rel=author" not "rel=authorship".

  • Dustin Verburg posted on 14 November 2012:

    So is there any indication (from past toolkit releases) of when they might roll this out for everyone? I'm anxious to look at it, but Google Authorship seems to be pretty slow on the draw for anything that relates to unknowns/peasants like myself.

  • Jeremy Rivera posted on 14 November 2012:

    Have you had a chance to compare the data to what's given in Google Webmaster Tool's Lab section for Author Stats?

  • Gisele Navarro Mendez posted on 14 November 2012:

    This looks great! Too bad I'm one of those users who will have to wait for it :/

  • posted on 01 January 0001: